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Let Me Drink About It

Apr 29, 2017

On this episode we talk to Cosimo Sorrentino and Jeff Weiderkehr, co-owner and brewer of Burning Beard in El Cajon. On this episode Jake and Leah find out about the big move to Copenhagen to brew for Amass Restaurant as well as  a possible collaboration between Burning Beard and himself. We get DEEP into some local beer...

Apr 14, 2017

Jake and Leah talk to Jake Nunes the Tasting room Manager at North Park Beer Company. We talk about the trials and tribulations of Mega Man, Cicerone, and the goings on at North Park.

Apr 6, 2017

Today Jake and Leah have Dan Reed from Modern Times. We talk about Dan's weed dealer going into politics, Jake's personal life, and some politics.