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Let Me Drink About It

Jul 29, 2017

Jake talks to Karen Barnett owner of Small Bar about her history in bars and restaurants in San Diego, as well as a subject that's pretty important to her which is the popping up of SATELLITE tasting rooms (not breweries and tasting rooms) and their impact on small businesses. We recorded LIVE at Small Bar. Put it in...

Jul 20, 2017

Jake sits down with the Bill Lindsay and Jonathan Barbarin of Miramar's own Thunderhawk Alements as we talk about the future of small, independent breweries, the latest Coronado/Monkey Paw partnership, and their long history working together since Bill and Jon were in preschool. Put it in your...

Jul 11, 2017

Jake drinks rosé in a canyon with Max Roop to talk about street art, the bartending industry, and growing up in San Diego. Thanks for listening buckaroos!