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Let Me Drink About It

Dec 30, 2018

Jake and Jacob sit down with Morgan Tenwick, the quality control manager at Modern Times to talk about her time in big pharma up until her time in craft beer now. Also, we talk about urinals a bit.
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Dec 15, 2018

Jake and Jacob talk to Matt and Rachel Akin about the life of Benchmark, their current struggles (Rachel recently posted a message about having issue with their current space), and the amount of love they have been shown as the community gets together to surge to help them. It was a great time hanging out with...

Nov 30, 2018

This week we sit down with the folks at Team Cretins. They do the AIDS LifeCycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles on only fixie bikes. We ask them why they go on this crazy ride every year and some of the hardships of that ride as well as their experiences. They are really rad people. 
If you want to more information...

Nov 20, 2018

In this Episode Jake and Jacob sit down with hot new(ish) brewery on the street, the medal winning Eppig Brewing. This brewery originally from North Park makes some of the best lagers in town which is always a welcome break from hop heavy San Diego beers. Well...they make hoppy to, but it's always exciting to have that...

Nov 3, 2018

This is the episode Blair starts feeling himself. Lots of talk about Monkey Paw and the debacle with Coronado, how he feels about ONLY drinking local, and more honest conversation. This is real fire coming straight from the mouth of Scot Blair. Enjoy