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Let Me Drink About It

Jan 26, 2018

Jake interviews Doug Constantiner and Travis Smith, owners of Societe Brewing. We talk about their fascinating backstory, where Societe is headed, and the future of the brewing industry in San Diego. LISTEN TO THE INTRO, WE GIVE INFORMATION ON A NEW PODCAST HEADED YOUR WAY! Put it in your earholes, buckaroos!

Jan 18, 2018

Jake talks to Tyler Tucker from Bitter Brothers about his coming up in the industry and his thoughts on how to become a brewer in San Diego and how life can take turns sometimes being a new father. Thanks for listening guys! Please subscribe!​

Jan 10, 2018

We talk to Mike Shess, co founder and publisher of Westcoaster and San Diego Beverage Times about how they started their magazine in 2010 and how they feel about publishing today and how the future of craft beer will be in San Diego.