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Let Me Drink About It

Apr 17, 2018

After leaving San Diego to brew at Bold Missy Brewing in Charolette, NC, Carli has come back to talk with us about her experiences out in North Carolina, what has happened since her glitter beer, Trapper Keeper, was featured on Vice and Buzzfeed and gone viral, and what she misses about San Diego.

Shannon Lynette...

Apr 5, 2018

Jake sits down with the founder of the now dissolved Alpine Beer Company, Pat McIlhenney....but it's not gone. I URGE you to go to the pub in Alpine and support these folks as they are a family more than a company. Support the folks at Alpine

Apr 2, 2018

Jake sits down with Tony Raso, the owner of the best beer bar in town: Bar Sin Nombre. We talk about his past, the reasons for him opening up in Chula Vista, and we talk about his thoughts on beer trends. This one gets pretty beer nerdy! We also talk about Team Cretins and their Aid/Life Cycle which is a San Francisco...